Shop Mural – Brighton Station

Rob and Pippa requested that I paint a sky with a Brighton-esque feel to it on the ceiling of their new Beach Hut Sweet Shop in Brighton Station. It is a relatively small space in the way of floor coverage, but the ceiling is high and so they wanted to utilise this aspect of the room, hoping that I could make the space feel larger by bringing the eye beyond the limit of four walls.

Credit must go to Rob and Pippa for having the brave initial concept and I’m grateful that they showed faith in me and gave me free-reign to do what I thought would work best on the walls and ceilings. It is now definitely the talk of the station and of many that pass through it.

The mural, along with the amazing beach huts crafted by the talented Carsten Ege Harud bring the shop to life and draw you in as soon as you see it, even back from the station platform.

Rather than looking at my photos, why not go and take a look and check out and buy some of the lovely merchandise in there at the same time!

Beach Hut Sweet Shop

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