Neil-September 6, 2014

Another of my recent projects. Rickshaw Travel’s logo on the wall in their new office in Brighton.

Neil-May 6, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of hand-painting a logo for Cindy at Cafe Von Hoff in Brighton. This was done in time for reopening of her stylish cafe in Brighton.

Neil-October 22, 2013

Rob and Pippa requested that I paint a sky with a Brighton-esque feel to it on the ceiling of their new Beach Hut Sweet Shop in Brighton Station.

Neil-October 22, 2013

This project was simple with regard to what the client wanted painting, but the scale was definitely a little intimidating.

Underwater mural - Brighton beach hut

Creation of an underwater world I am now available for hire as a mural artist in Brighton & Hove and Sussex areas. I have recently finished my Brighton Mural – Creation of an Underwater World and I am very happy with the results. The owners wanted something that would have a wow factor, would put smiles […]

I am taking (sensible) suggestions of any marine life that people  might want to see on the mural. Had a good afternoon painting, chatting to passers-by and managed to add a shipwreck, a stingray and loads of fish.  More of the same tomorrow... Shipwreck More fish! View from the door